What do I need to know about Sailing ??

Make your way through the RYA Youth or Adult Sailing Schemes, from beginner to advanced courses there is something for everyone. Learn with our fully-qualified, experienced and professional instructors.

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What happens when I arrive?

Please try to arrive promptly at the time advised - this means we can get the admin out of the way (like Registration, Payment, Adult Consent Forms or Parent Consent Forms as necessary).  We ask that all course participants inform our staff of any underlying health conditions or recent injuries before the start of the session.  This helps us to look after you!

What do I need to wear?

Out on the water you are exposed to the elements - wind, rain, and sun. Bear this in mind when packing as the weather can change very quickly, the forecast is not always accurate. Lightweight LAYERS of clothing (including a windproof jacket and fleece).  Up to 70% of body heat can be lost through your head so hats are a great idea for cold days.

We supply helmets and buoyancy aids (life jackets) and have a pool of wetsuits in various sizes. 

Sunny?  Then Sun cream and lots of it. The water’s surface reflects most of the light that hits it and without sun cream on you could burn badly. A hat to keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes is always a wise move. Shorts and t-shirts are OK in warmer weather.

Footwear?  Closed-toed footwear such as old trainers or wetsuit boots – not wellies or hiking boots

What should I bring with me?

If you are using the car park you will need £2.

You will probably get wet even if you don't go for a swim so bring a change of footwear, a warm change of clothes and a TOWEL.  A water bottle on a warm day is useful.

We will provide the safety equipment you need such as buoyancy aids.  And rest assured we have a fully stocked first aid cupboard.

If you have one already, then bring your RYA Log Book and hand it to your Instructor.  A logbook is yours to keep and all sailing qualifications gained at an RYA recognized training center will be logged.

We don't have a shop/cafe so please bring any food/drink you think you may need on the day, although there is a pub just up the road

What can I expect?

The session will start with an introduction to the session laying out what is to be expected, including a Health and Safety briefing. Working either individually or in pairs, you will do some basic rigging to get the dinghies ready for sail. Before you get on the water, techniques will be taught onshore, once these have been mastered you will then get onto the water. After the sailing has finished you will be expected to help de-rig the dinghies.

Junior Sailing Courses (scroll down for more course content details)  Stage 1 to 4 Dinghy Sailing.

Junior sailing courses for Ages 7 to 18 are generally taught in groups as they learn quicker and enjoy this style of learning. These courses follow the RYA Scheme and work to their ratios for tuition and safety while keeping the courses enjoyable and stimulating.

RYA Stage 1:  aimed at children with little or no experience of sailing who want to get confident in a boat in a safe but fun atmosphere. You will learn the basics of how to sail and assist with rigging a boat, whilst getting some experience in handling and steering the boat.

RYA Stage 2:  you will develop the skills you have already learned and more. This course focuses on building confidence and developing the sailing background whilst focusing on enjoyment. It includes things such as the 5 essentials and rope work. Once completed, you will be well on the way to becoming a confident small boat sailor.

RYA Stage 3:  is the next step to becoming a super sailor, you will learn more advanced skills to improve your sailing and confidence in a fun and exciting setting. By the end of this course you will be able to confidently sail around a triangular course in moderate conditions including the ability to capsize and recover, rig your boat and launch and recover your boat all on your own!

RYA Stage 4: take your enjoyment of sailing to the next level with our final step in the RYA Intermediate Stages. Learn advanced boat handling skills in double-handed boats. Cover material such as leaving and returning to a jetty, beach or mooring, sail a double handed boat as a crew or helm and solve a variety of exciting challenges afloat. By now you will be really confident with your sailing and with this course you will have the opportunity to sail lots of different boats from our extensive range.

Adult Sailing Courses (scroll down for more course content details)

RYA Level 1 (an introduction to sailing for novices) and Level 2 (covers the foundations of sailing and developing the techniques to sail independently).

On completion of this course, the successful sailor will be safety conscious, have basic knowledge of sailing and can transform from a complete beginner into a sailor who is confident to take his/her family out onto the water.  The course includes the RYA handbook and Logbook, and certification of completion of the course.


Powerboat Courses

RYA Powerboat Level 1 and 2 courses provide the skills and background knowledge to become a powerboat driver on inland water.

The Level 1 course includes boating safety, boat handling and basic theory. It can be taken as a standalone course or integrated into the level 2 course.

The Level 2 course includes more practice at manoeuvres such as picking up a mooring, anchoring and man overboard recovery. It introduces navigation, pilotage and engine maintenance.

Safety Boat Courses

RYA Safety boat courses introduce the techniques used to rescue dinghies, windsurfers and other water users. You need to be competent with the RYA level 2 first.

How could Sailing Benefit me or my children?

 Potential Outcomes


The potential impact of sailing activities for children and families attending our sessions ...

Promote Good Health and wellbeing and just having fun in the fresh air!

Provide a challenge by learning and developing new skills including working as a Team

Increase self-confidence, motivation and general self-worth

Improve communication / social interaction / comprehension / awareness skills

Provide the opportunity to gain RYA approved qualifications (with certificates) to gain a real sense of achievement

Provide an opportunity to become part of the race team (representing Leicestershire at national events)

Provide the opportunity to train as an instructor and volunteer their time to help others

Provide an environment where families can work together - parents & guardians are invaluable in the running of the LRYSA

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