Our Hero Instructor - Pete Magee!  

"Hero dives into Watermead Park lake after man falls in strapped into his mobility scooter"

Pete is one of our sailing instructors who volunteers his time to make sailing accessible to everyone. 


Pete says that he only got into the water as he knew the lake and was familiar with the embankment. His energy levels faded very quickly and he was soon suffering from cold water shock himself.

Fire & Rescue services advise not to go into the water to try and save someone but to call 999 immediately.  Shout to the person in case they are disorientated and also look for a lifebuoy or line to throw to them.  (Neither would have helped in this case so the man was lucky that Pete was experienced around water).


Quick-thinking Pete Magee saved the life of a man on Monday (11/07/2022) after he heard a “large splash”.  The man had plunged six feet down an embankment into a lake while still strapped into his mobility scooter in Watermead Country Park, Syston.

Pete dived into the waters of John Merricks Lake to help the man stay above water.  He beckoned a passing dog-walker to help raise the alarm, while a second bystander entered the lake to help him keep the scooter upright while emergency services could arrive.  The man, semi-conscious, was helped from the lake by fire crews with a winch and taken to the hospital via ambulance shortly after.

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