Powerboat Courses

RYA Powerboat Level 1 and 2 courses provide the skills and background knowledge to become a powerboat driver on inland water.

The Level 1 course

This course is to provide a practical introduction to boat handling and safety in powerboats. This course may be conducted in a variety of boats, if delivering this course to juniors we tend to use a tiller steer bit instead of a larger boat with a console. This is a great course to get you started in a powerboat if you have no experience at all and will also be a stepping stone to develop a useful crew.

It can be taken as a standalone course or integrated into the level 2 course.

The Level 2 course

The course aims to teach boat handling and seamanship in powerboats. To make students aware of safety in and around powerboats. The course will include launching and recovery, boat handling, securing to a buoy, anchoring, leaving and coming alongside, man overboard and an introduction to navigation and weather conditions. The course is a must for anyone thinking of buying a boat and aims to make the candidates self-sufficient powerboaters in the right conditions, aware of their own limitations and those of craft.

Safety Boat Courses

The RYA Safety Boat syllabus includes rescue techniques, safe recovery of people, methods of recovery and towing of craft and elements of race management and mark laying. Course content Pre-course requirements: Must be 16 or over; Basic understanding of sailing boats, Kayaks and windsurfing;