Adult Sailing Courses 

RYA Level 1

No prior sailing experience is necessary! Whether you’re a complete novice or just dipping your toes into the world of sailing, this course is designed for beginners.

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of harnessing the wind and gliding across the water, this is your chance!

RYA Level 2

This course is the next step, setting out the foundations of sailing for you, sailing ability along with theoretical knowledge is assumed to be up to level 1 standard.

The course consists of rigging a dinghy with minimal help, understanding how to launch a boat in different wind directions, and learning standard sailing manoeuvres.

The course also covers essential safety knowledge to be used when sailing. Once level 2 has been achieved the sailor will be able to sail and make decisions on and off

the water in good conditions.

The LRYSA usually run  a RYA level 1 & 2 Combined. 

RYA Level 3 Better Sailing

The level 3 course is the next step after achieving level 2. The theoretical knowledge and practical ability is assumed to be at the level 2 standard. We would hope that

during this course the participant would consolidate skills previously learnt & try new ones. The course consists of developing sailing skills and techniques, with a range

of manoeuvres from the advanced modules. Once level 3 has been achieved the sailor will be confident to sail and perform manoeuvres on the water in good conditions,

sailing in all directions & ready to progress to the advanced modules.

Sailing with Spinnakers

Required Experience: Sailing skills equivalent to RYA Level 3 Better Sailing or Stage 4

RYA Sailing with Spinnakers course is for adults or children. The course content includes, rigging a spinnaker sail, more advanced sailing techniques and manoeuvres as helm and crew using equipment to advantage, hoisting, gybing, dropping, apparent wind.

Seamanship Skills

Required Experience: Sailing skills equivalent to RYA Level 3 Better Sailing or Stage 4

This course focuses on improving boat handling and maneuvering abilities in various circumstances.

Participants learn essential seamanship skills needed to solve problems afloat.

The course is suitable for both adults and young people interested in dinghy sailing.

Start Racing

For start racing you need sailing knowledge and ability to at least stage 3 or level 2. From fun races to regatta’s this course teaches everything you need to get off the

start line and around the course. When start racing has been completed sailors will have all the skills required to start club racing, including how to maximise boat speed

and outwit your opponents

We do Level 3 and Start racing courses on demand and so get in touch to check availability and book in.

Timings may vary a little depending on the time of year.