The 3rd Age

Retired men and women

Achieve with Us

Achieve With Us are a Community Life Choice Provider in Hinckley who support children and adults with learning difficulties

Their aim is to allow their clients to take part in mainstream activities, allowing them the opportunity to build on their independence, communication, and confidence skills.

Leicestershire Youth Race Team

Typically these are kids that have started with the LRYSA at Stage 1 and continued to improve up to Racing standard and form the only race team that represent Leicestershire in National Competitions


Mosaic’s mission is to deliver information and services that disabled people want; services that promote inclusion, equality, independence, choice, empowerment, respect and dignity.  As an organisation they recognise and challenge the prejudice, discrimination and social isolation that many disabled people face throughout their lives.

Mosaic provide a number of services such as a range of day options, Information and Advice Service, Supported Living, Care Agency, Self Directed Support Services in Leicester City, Leicestershire, Rutland, Wandsworth and Nottingham (City). They also provide Counselling, Social Groups, Meet and Eat (new service).

mosaic’s Sailability project aims to give disabled people the opportunity to sail a dinghy or learn how to sail a dinghy. Sailability operates from April to October.  More information here

Sketchley School (Priory Education)

Sketchley School and Forest House provides specialist support for both boys and girls aged 8 to 19 years who are on the autistic spectrum, who may also have challenging behaviour as a result of their communication difficulties and a lack of social understanding.

They offer a safe and structured environment within mature private grounds for young people to develop the skills they need to live as independently as possible and make real life choices as they reach adulthood.


Dixie Grammar school